Hello Friends!! Welcome to where my life is extracted into a virtual world. Where you will find personal rambles about life, food, fitness, feeling good, spiritual experiences and even budget fashion finds! This is a blog dedicated to embracing life itself and all its trips, turns and overflows.  I’m not some ripped fitness expert, I didn’t major in Psychology and the only cooking class I ever took was in 7th grade. I have been around for 21 years and have found myself in the grips of death and have escaped it. My goal is to show, share and make our time on earth FUN and WORTH LIVING. I hope you find this space inviting, accepting and full of love. We may not agree on everything and that is okay! If you are looking for a place to see how to make tasty treats, live life to the fullest and dress snazzy then lets hang out for a bit and focus on your passions, desires and most of all your JOY.