Heart-Beet Smoothie

Today is going to be a post that is a Food Fact Fun Post/Recipe Post.


This was kind of a ‘whirl’ as you go recipe..

I had a friend come visit and hang out yesterday and we drank lots of different teas, went and got a chai tea infused with coffee (aka a dirty chai, but the latter sounded more elegant). Before we started to make dinner we had some beets in the fridge and probably the biggest apple I have seen in my life. If I put both of my fists together, it was even bigger than that! I wish I took a picture of it. But the sun was already down and lighting just isn’t ‘ideal’ then.

Heart-Beet Smoothie:

1 Red Beet
1 HUGE apple (so probably 2 small/medium apples)
1 Ripe Banana (meaning the skin has those little dark brown spots on it, that is actually when bananas are supposed to be eaten!)
1/2 a Lemon (juice only)
1/4 C Water (for blending purposes)

Now, I used my Vitamix so that thing could make a smoothie out of metal it is so strong. So if you have a normal blender I would recommend pre-chopping your apple and beet and banana into somewhat small pieces. If you have a powerful blender than just doing large chops and throwing them in will do.

Look how vibrant the color is!! Gosh, Fruits and Veggies are just so pretty <3

Whilst drinking this smoothie last night (and this morning) I did some research on all the deet’s on beets.

1. They are fairly sweet & low calorie as well, meaning you can bake a beet (place it in a oven at 400F for 40 min) and top it with some greek yogurt or splenda or just eat it plain and it can satisfy your sweet tooth 😀
2. They are higher in carbohydrates and can be used as ‘insta energy’ who needs coffee when you can have a delicious beet smoothie? Forget energy drinks that look like food coloring or gasoline. Take a look at the beaut above and tell me that doesn’t look better! Instead of gasoline energy drinks, beets are a healthy body FUEL.

3. Also, any paleo people out there who love running but need something to replenish their systems? BEETS ARE YOUR FRIENDS 😀 Especially this smoothie!
4. Beets contain magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron and phosphorus (when I typed that it made me think of prosperous. I can’t promise they give you that… but I know being healthy will!) They also contain Vitamins A & C

5. Any ladies have a cute lil’ bun in the oven or thinking of one??  Beets are a excellent source of folic acid! Which means they are great for producing/maintaining new cells. Which means it is great for women who are pregnant as well as anyone who is dealing with health issues. Instead of poppin’ pills every morning with breakfast try using beets. Getting your nutrients from food is FAR better than powder or pills.
6. Beets dark pigment is caused by  Betacyanian which is responsible for helping fight cancer. Beets also have been said to cleanse the blood, clean the colon and stregthen the gall bladder and liver. Google ‘Beet Therapy’ and read about some awesome stories of healing!
7. As if that isn’t enough! They also can help with depression (they contain trytophan), a stomach acid ‘tester’, and apparently… they also were used by ancient romans as a aphrodisiac… weird.
8.The leaves of the beet are useful too! You can add them into a salad or you can just chew on the leaves to get rid of garlic breath or a fishy after taste!

There are SO MANY other things I could write about beets and how wonderful they are! Also, if you have a dehydrator you can make some healthy beet chips by slicing them thinly and poppin’ them in for a ‘sun tan’.
WARNING: I just don’t want you all to think you are dying or something. When you eat or drink beets it will most likely cause discoloration in your urine. So don’t be alarmed if your pee is valentines day pink. You are not dying. It is normal. Curious to why that happens? You can read on it here.

&&  a quick funny story before I go, I have a doctors appointment today and I am somewhat looking forward to my doctors face when my pee is slightly pink. TMI? eh-maybe.

Have a great Christmas weekend! xoxo Kayla

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  3. Oh my! How good this is! I just threw all in my Vitamix, turned it on, and voila! Oh so yummy. Now I’m excited to see how much energy I will get and how long it will last 😉

    • Yum! So glad you liked it!! I get to go home tomorrow to my beautiful vitamix and I cannot WAIT to make more smoothies and deliciousness with it all :) So glad you liked it <3 Share with your friends 😀

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