Ride the Road #RTR

Ride the Road is a perfect summer challenge! Whether it is the grocery store, the gym, a friends or for fun I want to invite you all to join me this summer to ‘Ride the Road’!

Thank you to rachelink from Etsy for providing the original base sketch for this image!

The other day I grabbed my purple JanSport that had at least 8 cobwebs on it and hasn’t been used since Middle School when I used to carry 60ton books in it. Now only carrying my bike lock it was incredibly more pleasant to have the purple dinosaur on my back.

As I was riding I thought to myself, ‘This is so easy and fun and quick! I want to do this all summer!”

So for the rest of this Summer lets ‘Ride the Road’ together! Grab your bike or your favorite pair of sneaks and take a trip somewhere that you go to often that you can easily swap out a drive for.

For me: I am choosing my Chiropractors Office, mini Trader Joes runs, Friends houses and coffee cravings at Starbucks!

All of the places I chose are around 5-9 miles round trip for me to ride; They take approximately 10-15 minutes one way. With lights and stop signs along the routes it only takes me a few additional minutes to get to them on my bike!

Ride the Road is a great opportunity to stay active, enjoy the sunshine, save gas and help the environment!

For every 60 peoples that #Ridetheroad there will be a winner of some of my favorite snackems :)

Make sure to check-in with pictures or tweets on Instagram or Twitter by tagging me @kaylasjoy and using the hashtag #rtr and #ridetheroad! 



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    • Thanks girl! A girl named Rachel I found on Etsy had a drawing of a bike and I emailed her asking if I could use it and add things to it to make it my own. She said yes so I pulled it into my illustrator and started making it my own little thing 😛

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